Postnatal Workout with Your Baby

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Incorporate your baby into each innovative and functional exercise

Stretch, strengthen and tone your body with exercises designed by a physical therapist

Learn how your body is impacted by your daily activities

Enjoy quick and effective exercises with this 70-minute DVD

fit+giggles was born to meet the challenge of new Moms juggling the duties of caring for a new baby with the need to get back into pre-baby shape. As a Mom your body is required to move in new and different ways, causing stress and strain on your joints and muscles. As two new Moms ourselves, we’ve experienced the same pain and understand how a sore and tired body can make caring for a new baby more challenging.  The functional exercises we’ve included in this postnatal workout helped alleviate our pain while increasing our energy level and we wanted to share them with you. Uniquely designed to incorporate your precious new baby into the workout, you’ll see how exercise time becomes bonding time.  

To your health, 

Sandra & Kim

fit+giggles Co-Founders 

    + tax for CA residents
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