Our Story

Fit + Giggles was co-founded in 2006 by two best friends, Kim Evans and Sandra VanGilder who met at UCSD after noticing they were both wearing the same plaid Converse.  They found early on that they had many things in common including the same taste in style, their love for exercise and their desire to make everything they do fun.

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Despite their very different height, Kim is 5’10” and Sandra is barely 5’2”, they both had the same need for health and fitness.  Most importantly, they believed in friendship, loyalty, and following their dreams.  Kim needed quick and effective techniques that she could do anywhere at anytime to stay healthy and fit while being with her new baby.  Sandra provided the expertise needed to develop an exercise program to fit the functional demands of a new mom while creating a fun environment that would benefit the baby. Through hard work, support and dedication, Fit & Giggles was born.

Kim Evans

Kim Evans is a successful working mom, who loves being with Mia, her 9-month-old daughter; Audrey, her extremely playful dog; and Cary, her very supportive and loving husband. Her top priorities have always been her family and health. Keeping that in mind, she finds creative ways to stay active and healthy while spending time with her baby. She and her family live in San Diego, California.

Sandra VanGilder

Sandra VanGilder has a doctorate degree in physical therapy from the University of Southern California and is currently practicing in a private clinic in San Diego. She applies foundational knowledge of anatomy, manual therapy and evidence based practice learned at USC and integrates it with a biomechanical, functional approach taught by Gary Gray, a world renowned PT in his own right, to problem solve for each of her patient’s needs. Sandra and her husband, Mike, live in San Diego, California and have a baby on the way.

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